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How does statement furniture enhance the interiors?

Text: Abhishek Chadha, CEO & Founder, The KariGhars, Bengaluru

Interiors must have well-designed furniture which is convenient, purposeful yet aesthetic. Long-lasting and flexible, they can adapt  to multiple uses and spaces over time, locations and cultures. Furniture must be organized in a practical, utilitarian and stylish manner – which also depends upon the size of the room and the kind of furniture pieces available.

Bold pieces for a luxury foyer

In a luxury home, the entrance hall typically features warm wooden floors, chandeliers and flowers. A sleek console table, statement mirrors, artwork or an ornamented tiled flooring acts as prominent elements for the foyer space.

Decorate the interiors

As per a study, people prefer brown-tone furniture by 51.4 per cent, followed by red-toned furniture at 23 per cent and blue-toned furniture at 19.8 per cent. Neutral browns and beiges blend in with all colors and patterns, and will complement any décor if styled well.

Choose customized furniture pieces

Bespoke furniture combine functionality, utilitarianism and comfort. Add luxury to the equation with a modular sofa-bed or stairs doubling up as cupboards to impress visitors.

Revamp the material

Luxury furniture is more refined and comprehensive as compared to its previous generations, and people now want them to be well-made, eco-friendly and offer an experience. Ottomans in luxurious velvet or wardrobes in leather paneling are unusual options, and so is the comeback of metal in center tables, coffee tables, console tables and light fixtures. Marble is now used as paneling, headboard and partitions apart from flooring.

Use of modern technology

Furniture is constantly upgraded in terms of assimilation, manufacturing and production. Three-dimensional printing involves assimilating tiny grains made from various materials and cutting-edge technology to produce ecologically-safe materials. Artificial intelligence aids in the development of a generative design, while monitoring the user’s body pattern and posture for customization purposes.

As we move towards urbanization, we need multipurpose furniture for a contemporary lifestyle. Now that we have the access to modular pieces, we can now optimize limited spaces with ease.