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Metal façade for Noida home

Photography: Avesh Gaur

New Delhi-based Unbox Design has designed The Green House in Noida, a residential project within a densely-populated neighborhood and restricted budget. The site had an existing two-floor building that was to be converted into a new structure, how the existing structural elements were used with retrofitting. Thus, the firm judiciously recycled their resources while maintaining a low budget. To counter the tight and closed plot, limited natural views and scanty light and ventilation, the livable spaces spread over 3500 sq. ft. are located towards the open ends while a central skylight maintains privacy.

Layers of metal screens in the forms of railings, louvers, doors and exteriors are used for the façade. The firm used natural materials that aged well and needed less maintenance such as exposed brick walls, reclaimed natural wood and large aluminum windows. The ground floor has an outdoor verandah with comfortable seating, as an extension to the living space and parents’ bedrooms. The upper floor has private bedrooms and entertainment area, which displays the client’s social life. All the bedrooms have large sliding aluminum windows that allow maximum natural light from the open ends of the site.

A light-colored interior palette of white walls and ceilings with polished marble floors to promote natural light, functional and flexible spaces. The skylight ensures the penetration of daylight in all spaces, by acting as a slit in the roof plane and establishing a visual connection with the sky.