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Central tree installation for Delhi new store

Photographer: Suryan and Dang

New Delhi-based Bora Da Designs has designed the Torani, a flagship store spread over 400 sq. ft. that is inspired by Sindhi culture and design. A backlit brass façade sets the store apart from modernist stores, yet mirrors 16th-century buildings that feature magnificent domes and curvilinear arches.

A compact space with an ample ceiling height that exhibits openness, is amplified by the wide glass door entrance and mannequins on either side. Huge glass doors invite in the daylight and encourage passers-by to have a look. Items are separated by gender, style, and colors, with accessory displays and mirrors inn between. Knobs are used for hanging bags and scarves.

A trial room was sited next to the staircase, with full-height mirrors and a curtain while the remaining area is reserved for housekeeping. A smaller entry connects the back alley and brings in customers from there as well.

A bare tree stands in the central part of the store, which has brass bells are suspended by a saffron thread reminding one of Indian culture. Nandi, the mount for Lord Shiva, is cast in brass and sited on a wooden pedestal.

Earthy colors and raw materials are used for the store, and the store is painted in grey with a rough grainy texture. Grain-textured paint covers each area over the beams and ceiling, which takes one back to the nostalgia of Sindhi architecture. Grey micro-topping lends a minimalistic cement-rugged feel, which flows from the walls to the ceiling. Arch-shaped looking mirrors are inspired by Persian architecture, while focus lights are designed to create a spotlight effect.