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Colours for Noida co-working space

Photography: Visuary, Suryan and Dang

Noida-based Studio Meraki has designed the Workwings Co-working, a commercial transformation project spread over 2000 sq. ft. The client wanted a linear co-working space that introduced news zones fostering recreation and comfort to attract clientele, along with promoting privacy, human comfort, aesthetics, privacy and workability. The firm also designed a space that facilitated team bonding and functionality with people across all backgrounds, while maintaining a positive impression in the surrounding co-working brands.

The previously-vacant top floors now have a twenty-five-seater lecture hall, terrace café snooze area, reading area, television and games lounge and gymnasium. Though no structural interventions were performed, colour remodelling creates a balanced palette to add dynamism to the rebuilt spaces. Green, yellow and maroon comprised the colour palette, which symbolize the brand identity, energy and illumination respectively. Soft and curvilinear wooden furniture is built in different colours, which suits a particular activity or ambience.

These spaces become a cross-point for new conversations, social engagements, business deals and even private reflections. One would find play areas with games and entertainment facilities, along with resting spots and a library.