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Free-flowing glass design for Nagpur home

Nagpur-based Salankar Pashine and Associates has designed The Glass Manor, or the Mukewar Farmhouse, spread over 2,500 sq. ft. Located in Degma, the farmhouse made of glass looks over a lake. Conceived in a simple but contemporary design, the farmhouse is built on a slope and features stunning views of the lake. An uppermost deck enables the family to relax.

Natural light pours in through the huge windows, with a glazed façade facing the northern direction to prevent glare. Divided into three decks, the upper deck is a family lounge, the middle deck is a children’s play area and the lower deck is an area for social gatherings. A sit-down area with a fountain provides a natural getaway from the city, with spaces demarcated for visitors and family members. The living area, dining area, bedroom and terraces are connected by the lounge at the mezzanine.

Following a free-flowing design scheme, glass allows the users to immerse themselves in nature without compromising on comfort. Simple and functional, Italian marble flooring complements the wooden elements in the staircase and bedrooms. Locally-sourced plaster and concrete give a contemporary rustic style to the house, focusing on the lake.