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Functional workstations for Indore office

Photography: PhxIndia

Indore-based Studio has renovated the Kirti Enterprises, a marketing and retail office for motors and motor parts. The client, a senior businessman, wanted a functional space over visual ornamentation. The renovation focused on the reception counter, owners’ cabin, staff area and display unit.

The reception area doubles up as the retail counter, with a custom-made GI section display unit exhibits products for the customers. The owner’s cabin is located near the glass faced looking over the main road, and receives abundant natural sunlight. Dark wood laminate contrasts with the grey floor, along with a composite stone worktop.

Upcycled teakwood furniture lends a contemporary feel, with Makrana marble flooring except for the owners’ cabin. Metal dark wood laminate, glass and clay tiles imbibe a raw character to the space, brightened up with plants. The layout follows a grid plan, where the outer division consists of the cabins, store area and toilets and the inner zone accommodates the reception desk, display unit and workstations.

The workstations breaks the monotonous concept of a cubicle zone. Instead, linear workstations maintain privacy and communication through frosted glass partitions. Indoor plants and a clay tile backdrop breaks the stark monotony of the space. The workstations are located between the cabins, to enable the owners to keep a check at all times.