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Gazebo, reflexology track (pebble walk), and a pergola walkway for office

Bengaluru-based Ossa Architects has designed the C.C. Timbers Office building in Tuticorin, a corporate project on a plot spread across 0.5 acres, approximately, in a single phase. The project required a covered parking, cabins, a staff area, and a waiting lounge. Located on a south-facing flat piece of land, there is a hospital to the north, a residential complex to the east, and a service road on the west with two trees on the site.

An element of ‘waves’ is carried strongly through the exteriors representing the location of the building, which is near the sea. A gazebo, reflexology track (pebble walk), and a pergola walk form a well-defined façade to the building.

Concrete walls and tapered columns are adopted to create the angularly-shaped façade, while the plinth of the office space was raised to achieve an unobstructed view of the seashore. The elevated plinth defines the transitional space between the exteriors and interiors and develops into a semi-private verandah. The pavilion-like structures on the sides of the structure add a bold character to the building, with a gazebo-like structure that doubles up as an informal seating space as well. Main columns of the pergola pathway are connected to the building, while alternate columns are connected to the pergolas using combined footing. Granite with solvent-based paint is used for all the exterior structures to minimize the use of metal, with bright colors for the pergolas.

Three existing compound walls are retained and designed to match the tonality of the structure itself, with a heavily-detailed outside wall to prevent bills and pamphlets defacing the exterior look. A linear organization helps in creating zones reserved for parking, landscaping, and walkways that differ in size, form, and function. One enters the project site through the front compound wall, which is made from locally-available grey and black stone. Further access is through the elaborate entrance via two entry gates, one through the main road that is connected to the landscaped area. A second entrance through the service road is connected through the pergola walkway overlooking the landscaped area.

Two pre-existing trees are retained on the plot with a semi-circular seating around them, adding greenery to the space. The landscaped area is further extended to the building through planters with deep-recessed sills and concealed drain-outs for ornamental plants.