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Glass louvered façade for New Delhi tower

New Delhi-based AKDA has designed the Atrium Towers, a seven-storeyed tower that contains three-level buildings and a DDA park on the rear side. The core is aligned with the longer side of the site, which gives the residents a clear vision of the park and road. The north-facing core is covered with louvers and glass, which naturally illuminates the space with glare-free light and lends a linear usable space.

A refugee area is planned facing the park, which doubles up as an open space on the fifth floor. The glass façade controls the light and heat gain, while DGU panels with an insulating board is chosen for the panel backing. Running along the flooring and window sills, it framed the building and allowed the light to enter the habitable areas.

Car lifts on the basement maximise space, and act as a carparking area, and the entrance of the building is designed on the longer end of the building. With a double-height foyer, the tower features double-glazed light and dark-blue panels interspersed with louvers in the north-facing circulation areas. The circulation cores are positioned along the periphery, which lends expansive views of the park on the building’s rear side. The spaces remain naturally illuminated throughout, and the desks are situated close to the window.