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Love for cinema in Hyderabad restaurant

Hyderabad-based architecture and design firm AANDH Architects has designed the Sainma Restaurant, which completely focuses on local Telangana and Andhra cuisine in general. The project is targeted at the local Telugu families while retaining their preferences.

‘Sianma’ translates into cinema, which fits well with Tollywood and Bollywood lovers. Relating to their love for Indian cinema, customers are constantly engaged with live entertainment, movies playing on projectors and move-related props as they wait for their meals. The menu comprises local favorite delicacies with a modern twist.
Solid blue was chosen for the exposed ceiling, panels and bricks while traditional attangudi tiles were using for the flooring. An exposed metal library filled with movie props from movie projectors, shooting equipment, records, movie cassettes, tripod lights, and books was built. Movie rolls, vintage cameras, iconic movie posters and collectibles from vintage markets were used to create focus walls and relive the experience.

A temporary structure was built on for the indoor dining area and a huge kitchen to cater to the restaurant and outdoor catering business. This was done to accommodate two generations of movie-lovers, with landscaping done with ambient lighting and greenery for an outdoor connection.

In-house furniture was made by AH Studio, the firm’s new vertical for furniture designing and production. General, focus and ambient lighting was designed and sourced locally.