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Material contrast for Mumbai apartment

Photographer: Ravi Kanade

Mumbai-based Facilis has designed An Abode in Mumbai, a residential project with a combination of various aesthetics. Spread over 2,200 sq. ft, a Turkish white marble floor welcomes visitors to the home.

Scandinavian design is chosen for the living room, with knitted veneer panels that were achieved by placing square pieces of smoked red oak and American red oak veneer on the door openings. A fluted textured wooden sheet wrap on the ceiling contrasts with the light flooring. A bright color scheme in the kitchen has red under counters and overhead cabinets, all of which are fitted with wood-finished dado tiles.

Latent jade glass with a blossoming tree branch becomes the accent wall of the master bedroom, while gray balances out the bright color. Customized engraved metallic tiles and bright-blue tiles on the ceiling interrupt straight lines in the guest room. Cedarwood beams are used in the son’s bedroom with customized profile lights. Dusty rose tiles in bands with bronze mirrors are used in the daughter’s room, with metallic hues for the bedside table.

The first bathroom has a pixellated effect with small Piccolo tiles and a linear arrangement, while the second bathroom has a dusty rose palette with a midnight-blue solid surface. The third bathroom exudes sophisticated luxury with wood, onyx, and a large window. A basin in the shape of a photo frame is designed for the same, with a steel basket for other accessories. Turkish marble and colored Piccolo tiles form the feature wall of the last bathroom.