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Material efficiency for Pune educational consultancy

Photographer: Avinash Mane

Pune-based The Designco has designed the Overseas Education Consultancy & Learning, an educational consultancy project that accommodates multiple and shifting requirements. The original site had suffered heavy water damage, uneven flooring, and a series of partitions that blocked the sunlight streaming in from the large windows. The client had specified a flexible design that accommodated multiple meetings with consultants and hosting career guidance camps and classes for students.

An open layout is chosen to combat the confined site, which facilitates staff cooperation and interaction. This further reduced the need for multiple air-conditioners, lighting, and circulation space that allowing a better flow of air and light. All the furniture items are such that one can create a flexible layout as per their future needs. An exposed ceiling retains the height of the space, further contrasted with light-colored flooring that visually brightens and maximizes the space. A reception table made from chipboard and high-gloss PU paint is a statement piece at the entrance. Hanging lights, visual partitions, and cabins further add to the appeal.

Visual partitions are created for each zone with storage in earthy tones of wood, white, and cement along with hot pink, lime-green, and navy-blue accents. Softboards are covered with bright lime-green fabric are highlighted with the indirect LED strip light for an ambient atmosphere. The center encourages employees for formal discussions with clients, while smaller informal areas allow them to relax.

Customized furniture reduces wastage of material, which maybe moved around to create multiple floor layouts. Much of the wood was reserved for the partitions, and the remaining was used to manufacture the smaller pieces. Three kinds of handle designs are used, combined with suspended task lights and exposed black panel lights against the grey ceiling for a modern industrial look. Whiteboard laminates on the partitions create a chatbox-style whiteboard that saves space and the cost of buying whiteboards for the classrooms and discussion rooms. Hidden switchboards and cable managers are used for work tables that promote extra leg space to accommodate seating on both sides.