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Meble Polska Furniture Fair 2019

With more than 42,000 sq m of exhibition space, Poland’s Meble Polska is a B2B platform that draws furniture traders from more than 50 countries. Meble Polska Furniture Fair 2019 (March 12-15, 2019) focusses on furniture buyers from the promising, new markets of India, the USA, the UAE, China, Turkey and Kazakhstan.

Influencing and aiding the furniture industry worldwide for 40 years, Meble Polska Furniture fair in Poznań, which began as an export-facing exhibition initially, entered the trade fair industry in 1982. The Poznań furniture fair’s initial motive was to draw international buyers for furniture manufactured in Poland. By 2010, Meble Polska had strengthened its position as an international furniture contracting fair. 

The challenges that were overcome to get here range from convincing key, local, Polish, furniture manufacturers to participate to effectively reaching out to representatives of international purchase groups and furniture showroom chains and inviting them to participate in the Poznań-based contractual negotiations.

Within a few years of its initiation, Meble Polska turned into a catalyst for Polish furniture export, the value of which has exceeded EUR 10 billion in the last few years. The long journey to success has witnessed various outstanding events and conferences in Paris, Cologne, Moscow and Birmingham.

With an extensive reputation and experience reaped in the industry over many years, the Poznań furniture fair today proudly offers modern exhibition facilities located in the city centre, in the immediate vicinity of the main railway station and within just seven minutes by car from the international airport. There are 13 exhibition halls equipped with the most modern installations that guarantee comfortable working conditions for both exhibitors and visitors. Every year during the fair, thousands of furniture buyers from approximately 60 countries come to Poznań to find new suppliers and order new collections for the next season. The Meble Polska trade fair is also accompanied by events like Arena Design, dedicated to industrial design.

Lectures by international designers are held on the main stage as part of the event and their works are presented at the exhibition. The main theme of Meble Polska Furniture Fair 2019 is “Transformations”. The stars for this year's edition are Massproductions - a Swedish-British duo fascinated by the aesthetic dimension of the manufacturing process optimization, Berlin-based studio Geckeler Michels which combines innovative, sophisticated minimalism with incredible attention to detail, as well as Alexander Taylor - an Englishman whose products were ordered by Alexander McQueen.

Meble Polska, being the world's largest representation of Polish furniture manufacturers, mainly comprises major Polish furniture manufacturers interested in increasing the export of their products. Every year the Poznań fair is visited by a whopping 25,000 participants approximately. Over the last decade, the size of the exhibition has tripled and the number of visitors has grown by almost four times.

Although Polish manufacturers still dominate the halls, more and more international companies especially from Eastern Europe, who want to take advantage of the export-facing nature of the fair and find new customers for their products in Poznań, are participating in Meble Polska Furniture Fair.

With a strong intention of integrating a more comfortable environment for business negotiation, Meble Polska Furniture Fair five years down the line is anticipated to become more international and undoubtedly an even better comprehensive platform for presenting the goods offered by furniture manufacturers from all over Eastern Europe.