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Minimal design, maximum storage

Photographer: Gagan Samtani

Pune-based The Designco has designed the Pune Residence, a home to accommodate the family’s treasured heirloom collection. White leather sofas divide the living space into formal and informal areas, for the entertainment area. The seating area is designed to maximize views of greenery, which was not possible earlier. 

Gloss and matte finishes are used for a modern look while minimal false ceiling visually expands the space. A long drawer unit under the television set spans across the entire length with Italian wooden flooring carefully cut and laid on-site. The drawer unit provides maximum storage yet enhances the minimalistic look, with no leg details, to give the impression of floating drawers.

A corner-style dining room increases the capacity of seating the diners, increases circulation space, and reduces floor coverage. A false ceiling is connected to the washbasin, which forms a defined cuboid. This drives the residents to the mirror, veneer, and glass detailing giving an illusion of the cuboid.

Jet-black door handles set against a light wooden veneer, are the main design element of the master bedroom, extending from the base of the wardrobe to loft at the top. Exposed bricks with tile finish are chosen for the son’s bedroom, which can be easily maintained. A protective lacquer coating lends it a glaze and increases its lifespan. In-built handles with carpentry detailing, hydraulic beds, top-lift overhead shutters, and soft-close drawers are used with an emphasis on maximum storage.