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Non-institutional aesthetic for Jaipur beauty clinic

Photography: Studio BluOra

Jaipur-based Scapesmiths has designed the Lavanya Laser and Plastic Surgery, where the client wanted a warm and open design that encourage client-doctor interactions. The design also optimises the aprents’ experience by creating spaces that are relevant to the evolved generations and workforce. The space is divided into two volumetric halves: the ground floor for the outdoor patients and the first floor where the in-house patients are treated within public and private zones.

Though the clinic is organized in a rectangular planform, the spaces are articulated in a circular manner to the laser room. An arched corridor takes one’s eyes to the green wall with the brand name, marking the entrance into the facility. Cream and orange walls create a contrasting backdrop against the teal furniture, framed openings and antique gold furniture. The changing intensity of light in the common areas, framed by arched doors and windows, evokes openness and lightness. The waiting and reception area create a perpendicular axis to the corridor that leads to the consultancy rooms.

The OPD chambers have wall-to-wall bookcases to store reference and study material, along with antique artefacts that display the doctor’s aesthetic sense. Artwork and paintings adorn the walls, and the monuments of Jaipur are displayed on the walls of the corridors and deluxe rooms for inhouse patients. The waiting and reception area and the OPD rooms are placed in the front to have access to direct sunlight, as compared to the service areas and operation theatres that must be power-lit.

Spread over 3000 sq. ft., the clinic features tangerine, emerald green burgundy, cream and grey – which demarcate the spaces designated for the staff, in-house patients and visiting patients. The material palette includes metal and veneer used in the doors and furniture, to shape a space-efficient, non-institutional and functional space.