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Peaceful design for Gurgaon office

Gurgaon-based RSDA has designed Trilegal, an office project that blends the workplace with indigenous art nestled in an industrial interior style. Spread over 8,000 sq. ft., conference rooms and private zones are located on the periphery of the layout, which leaves the office with natural views and light. Workstations are centred around the core, and can be accessed from every corner. The conference room is near the reception area, allowing for easy browsing and movement for clients and visitors.

Chunks of space are dedicated to the reception and waiting areas, while a narrow corridor that leads to the workstations. The foldable sliding door in the conference room divides the space into two individual blocks, accentuating its functionality. Minimalistic but bold furniture is used for workstations, which promote a comfortable environment. Vibrant artwork brightens up the otherwise white and grey color palette that creates a calm and welcoming visual scape.

The linear design vocabulary of the wooden battens on the ceiling creates a sophisticated entry, while customized artwork and a vintage wooden bookshelf lend a raw character. The open ceiling exposes the ducts and service lines, adding to the workplace’s industrial ethos, breaking its monotony in the process. Composed of suspended white circular boxes, the false ceiling is highlighted by contemporary lighting.

A concrete imitation wallpaper juxtaposes with the wood-clad wall of the reception area, while the workstations feature glass dividers and veneer tables. The flooring transitions from tiles to carpets as per the hierarchy and functionality of the space.