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Pinewood sloping roof for Nainital holiday home

Photographer: Pankaj Vaid & A. Khanna

New Delhi-based Pankaj Vaid Architects has designed the Shree Vaas Hill Residence, a holiday home in the hills, to entertain the three-generation family that is sensitive to the environment in Nainital. Located at an altitude of 7,500 ft., the orchard  was chosen for its breathtaking views of Nanda Devi and Trisul Mountains of the Himalayan range.

A minor cut-and-fill created a plateau to accommodate the 12,000 sq. ft. retreat that consists of multiple family lounges, indoor recreation, and health fitness spaces, and six bedrooms. A two-floor annex is designed for staff quarters and additional guest rooms, with a small temple and a dispensary built for the local community. Internally-exposed pinewood plank sloping roofs with glass wool insulation add local appeal, augmented with an externally-visible factory painted screw less GI metal roof system. Located on the north-south position, the project accommodates the solar panels on the south-facing roofs.

The build material of the house is local stone, plaster, and metal sloping roof. Locally-available 125 mm thick stone-cladding walls mixed with cement mortar resemble dry clad. Cavity masonry walls comprising two layers of bricks are incorporated with a 100  mm air cavity. Strategically placed windows and verandahs, and flat functional terraces reduce the apparent mass of the building. Insulated walls and UPVC door-and-window systems with vacuum-sealed glass units are used for thermal insulation and dust infiltration. Three-stage filtered potable water harvested during the rains provides for the looped central ‘heat pump’ hot water and VRF heating system. The multiple-stage water purification system consists of sand, carbon and UV filters, and is connected to all the fixtures in the house.