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Quirky colors for Pune office

Photography: PHX India

Pune-based The Arch Studio has designed The Yellow Office, a commercial project spread over 1000 sq. ft. Located inside a commercial mixed-use complex, the client wanted an open office that created a visual statement, was private and was connected to the outside world. The firm created a design that maximized space circulation and usage. The minimalistic, open and clutter-free space has minimal internal partitions that dissolved traditional boundaries. Upon entering, the entrance is separated from the workspaces with clear glass walls.

Curved partitions contain the conference room, workspace and cabins. Modular components are easily rearranged so that the company maximizes less space. A solid green color adds a raw aesthetic, and the firm recreated a glass box’s transparency and multifunctional uses. They allow for flexibility and easy growth by simply adding meeting rooms and workstations without modifying the existing walls, along with the natural light deeply penetrating into the workstations. Here, the partitions are equipped with glazing panels. Reading pods on the window seats promote relaxation between work, and the bright colors (yellow, green, white and grey) are highlighted in the otherwise subdued color scheme.

Bookshelves create storage space for files and equipment, and every room displays a different emotion as per the client’s wish. Curved partitions fused with the glass create a visual barrier while maintaining maximum functionality on both sides. Due to no enclosed partitions, it makes the space open and inviting. A small library and reading corner have a side table for your laptop, which transforms into a drink-holder when you’re relaxing. Minimum veneer wall paneling creates a maximized atmosphere, illuminated with linear groove lighting on the whitewashed walls. Glass is extensively used in the fenestrations and facades to invite light into the space, while the greenery activates communication and comfort. Glass, steel and wood are the main materials used.