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Quirky optics for Delhi store

Photographer: Rohan Dayal

Delhi-based Sync Design Studio has refurbished the Optics Express, an adaptive retail project that has been conceptualized on the progressive composition of different materials. The design resembles a blend of optical objects designed in an artistic installation gallery with a bold and minimalistic ideology. The client wanted an architectural identity for their brand, with a special section for eyewear.

Spread over 250 sq. ft., the firm faced challenges with the limited space on a stringent budget. The store had a small footprint, and the aim was to make it stand out from the other stores in the district market. A clutter-free design with no furniture maximizes the floor space, which ensures free circulation and browsing space. Cantilevered solid acacia shelves are a change from the conventional bulky floor and wall display units, forming a primary design element. These locally-sourced shelves have a handcrafted live edge adding to the textural palette of the design.

A metal display unit and an icon of quirky black spectacles on the wall create an interesting shadow effect as the customer enters the store, which is imbued with a warm color and material palette. Large mirrors and artwork frames made of reclaimed wood make the space look larger and more upbeat.

A bar signage framework helps people to identify the store from a distance, and the slate color of the façade lends a youthful character to the same. Clear glass on the façade brings in natural light and generates curiosity among the passers-by to visit the store.