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Sustainable material palette for Manjari office

Photographer: Prasanth Mohan, Running Studios

Manjari-based Tropical Architecture Bureau has designed The Breathing Office, a commercial project that focuses on employees’ interaction, communication and coordination with each other. Local materials and skilled labor were focused upon with simple and economical details that maximize human energy and efficiency.

Warm tones of exposed metal finish, cement and wood are broken with vibrant colors, large-leafed plants, glass partitions and graphic signage. Greenery connects the user to nature and promotes sustainability, which is absent in the city. Glass allows in ample daylight and creates a visually large space to resonate with younger employees.

Transparency and connection between users and the spaces are established with exposed raw materials. Brick and concrete are amply used with no plaster or cladding, giving it a skeletal form that is still under processing. A wide palette of colors is seen on the cool and hard concrete, ridged bricks, granular mortar, large and smooth leaves, ribbed wooden surfaces, metal and soft upholstery to create a varied experience.