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Vipp Shelter, Denmark

Danish based retailer Vipp has construct a factory-made, metal-and-glass micro dwelling that comes filled with the company's line of home ware products. Designed by Morten Bo Jensen, the Shelter is the 55-square-metre structure that intends to serve as a nature’s retreat and relaxing space from the urban chaos.  According to the company, it’s neither a house nor a mobile home but a spacious, functional and livable industrial object.

The inception of designing the space comes from nature as each piece of interior and its dominant dark tones are carefully selected in order to keep focus on the environment. The cabin consists of a metal-and-glass rectangular box that is elevated off the ground by columns.
Two chambers protrude from the roof – one of which contains a light chimney, while the other houses a compact sleeping loft. Prefabricated at the north of Copenhagen, each steel-framed cabin takes six months to produce and three to five days to install.

The dwelling contains a kitchen, a dining area, a bathroom and a daybed room with a fireplace. Floor-to-ceiling glass provides views of the terrain, while also serving as a barrier between inside and out. The dwelling is fully equipped with Vipp products, including shelving, furniture, lighting and linens.