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Visual experience for Hyderabad restaurant

New Delhi-based RMDK has designed the Masala Republic in Hyderabad, a restaurant project that celebrates youthful vitality in its sensory experience. A contemporary, luxurious, and elegant design palette was chosen for the project, which is spread over 3,648 sq. ft. Various materials, colors and textures are blended to reflect the multicultural menu, which is seen in its visual narrative on the ground and first floors.

High grey-toned and arched French doors with glazing welcome visitors into the interior, which is a mix of elegance and sophistication. Plaster and patina-textured walls are highlighted with delicate copper arch panels and dull gold spoked wheel lighting installations. The arched high chair seating area was designed as a standalone exhibit in grey, with rough-cut wooden blocks and patchwork tiles for the food service counter.

Black granite flooring with white streaks, black-and-white herringbone tiles, monochrome patchwork tile detailing and wooden flooring was used for the formal dining area on the upper floor. Suspended wooden and linear lighting rafters create an interesting pattern in the main dining area with mono-striped walls, monochrome furniture, wood-accented walls, indoor planters and minimal lantern lighting.

Copper pendant light installations, minimal glass glazing, hanging metal frames and geometric wooden wall dividers are used in the semi-outdoor seating area, brightened up with and blue and yellow furniture.