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Impactful design for Mumbai office

Mumbai-based Nikita Dhoble Interior Design and Behold Design designed White Rivers Media, which was to renovate an abandoned space into a digital marketing agency’s headquarters. Spread over 15,000 sq. ft., the area was to accommodate 300+ employees including open spaces and think pods to cultivate creative ideas. Each pod has gadgets protruding from the walls, representing the evolution of communicative devices in history.

Upon entering the office, visitors would be welcomed at the front desk that has the message ‘Creating Beautiful Stories’ The 43-inch-long elevated turfgrass seating is the focal point of the floorplan, which brings the outdoors indoors. The trophy wall highlights the digital marketing agency’s biggest achievements. A pantry provides breakfast and healthy snacks at a subsidized cost. The Director’s Lounge is designed for meetings conducted by the CEO and the management and has yellow, blue and red sofas and seating spaces.

The red floating staircase takes the user to the mezzanine, which comprises three zones. Red-tinted glass phone booths of the first zone are inspired by the iconic phone booths in London and give privacy to attend important calls. The second zone has a collection of recliners, sleeping pods, a foot massager and a curated nap-friendly Spotify playlist. The third zone has a mini-library that houses business, marketing, leadership, and motivation books. It has floor seating, warm-coloured fairy lights and plants to maintain solace, motivation and inspiration.

The meeting rooms are named Area 51, Olive Branch, Yellow Submarine and Coral Reef, the interiors of which feature vintage objects such as a jukebox and typewriter. All the cabin walls and conference rooms are made of glass for visual openness. The headquarters features an in-house Chroma Studio with state-of-the-art technology for immersive video films and commercials. A garden seating area and a sports room provide a chance to relax, which offers a table tennis court with a national-level trainer, foosball tables, carrom boards and boxing bag along with wall art of the boxer Muhammed Ali and a football field. The open terrace has contemporary seating and patio umbrellas surrounded by greenery for unwinding and relaxation.