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Importance of brick tiles in architecture

Mr. Lakshay Jindal, Chief Marketing Officer, Jindal Mechno Bricks Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi

Text: Mr. Lakshay Jindal, Chief Marketing Officer, Jindal Mechno Bricks Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi

Architectural styles have evolved with the times, and homeowners now look for ways to change their house’s appearance and functionality. They have chosen brick tiles for the roof tiles for the last few decades, apart from spaces that need structural improvements. They create the illusion of a naturally-exposed brick wall, and durable and are preferred for several other seasons:

  • Customisation

Brick tiles come in different colours and styles, which allow one to choose according to their requirements. Redbrick and white tiles are popular for adding an industrial feel or a bright pop of colour to the project.

  • Easy installation and maintenance

Contractors and homeowners use brick tiles as they can be easily installed and maintained. They are commonly used on any interior or exterior wall, floor or surface without specialised knowledge. Brick tiles are as same as regular tiles in installation, or even simpler than other construction materials.

  • Cost-efficient

Brick tiles are great for a low-cost home construction or repair project, as they are easy to install while being cheaper than other materials. They are less expensive to transport as they are lightweight and don’t require a foundation for installation, which makes them great for a limited budget.

  • Aesthetic appeal

Brick tiles are timeless and sophisticated and add a vintage touch to an older home. Regardless of whether the property is constructed out of traditional bricks, brick tiles add value to it. They are versatile, functional and complement cladding tiles and Porotherm tiles.