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Industrial vibe for Hyderabad office

Hyderabad-based Urban Zen has designed the Numi Office, which was to fabricate a hospitable working environment with varied work settings.

An old house was refurbished to create a 4500 sq. ft. co-working space with a raw, contemporary, and minimalistic vibe. From individual workspaces to collaborative zones, the project accommodates 45 people. Civil changes have been made to incorporate the open layout.

A contemporary exterior welcomes visitors to the ground floor-reception area which is outlined with full-height glass and large openings. A custom-made reception table and couches complete the waiting area. The studio comprises managers’ cabins, workstations, a photography area, a meeting room, and a designer’s room.

Minimal detailing and color keep the space organized and overcome the problem of low-height ceilings. Raceways and utilities in the ceiling are concealed with a mesh to achieve a visually higher expanse.

Grey tiles in a tumbled finish lend an industrial vibe, while the furniture and mesh are painted in gunmetal grey. Inspired by Edoardo Tresoldi, the mesh and tiles were installed at a 45-degree angle. Task lights hang from the slab and through the mesh above workstations, intensifying the design scheme. Grey, white, yellow, light wood and distressed bronze comprise the color palette.

On the first floor, the managing director’s cabin is painted a deep grey, and the conference rooms are planned to ensure maximum breathing space. Track lights upon the sloped roof create light pockets along the way and a civil platform is raised on the terrace with a rafter detail at the end of the platform. Tall planters and rafters finished in distressed bronze and the grey limestone floor depict professionalism. Light wood laminates are used on the workstations and the tabletops. A bright pop of color, applied to the painted glass partition of the workstations, ties the design to the space.

Linear lights above the workstations with deep, recessed downlights create visually appealing pools of light. The custom-made workstations were constructed in metal with surfaces in plywood, laminate, and edge-banding material. Each desk has a dedicated power supply, LAN connection, and intercom communication.