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Minimalistic palette for Goa studio

Goa-based Studio Tilt has designed its Design Studio and chose the location due to its natural light and large glass façade on two sides. The minimalistic design palette uses canes, natural wood a monochrome colour scheme of white, grey and black. The firm wanted a spacious, airy and unobstructed space with a spectacular frontage. Planters lend a Zen-like charm to the space and are an important part of the design.

An open-plan layout is chosen to counter the small size of 300 sq. ft. and includes a meeting and discussion table, a waiting area, a pantry and a workspace for a small team of designers by one side of the glass façade.  The workspace is set on the mezzanine, and features light grey walls and natural wood for a warm and inviting ambience, along with multipurpose furniture and spaces.

The live-edge wooden discussion table is surrounded by brick and cane, Scandinavian-style furniture and décor with a light natural polish. Handcrafted pieces maintain peace ad calm, and the feature wall displays the firm’s favourite ongoing projects. The waiting area has a green couch, plants, décor pieces and a book and magazine collection.