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Modern minimalism for Vadodara home

Photography: Photographix

Mumbai-based ADND has designed the Resort House in Vadodara, a residential project spread over 50,000 sq. ft. The client wanted two twin houses connected by a common central formal block, along with a separate structure referred to as the clubhouse. Following a simple design, the home has pitched sloping roofs and connecting corridors to reflect a modern minimalistic language. While the twin houses have individual entrances, the main entry is possible through the central formal block.

A tree-lined driveway brings one to the formal living block, and a wooden bridge over an expansive shallow lotus pond drops them off at the main entrance. Conceived as a double-height glass pavilion, the formal living block overlooks the central lawn flanked by houses on each side. Stepped sloping wooden ceilings with bronze chandeliers accentuate the spaciousness, and the formal living room enjoys a shaded verandah with large sliding glazed windows on the garden side.

The pantry and toilets facilities are hidden from public view, and glass-lined corridors on either side of the formal central block connect it to the houses. Floor-to-ceiling veneer panelling and screens finished in metallic duco add to the grandeur.

Individual houses are planned as a C-shaped blocks arranged around a family garden, and enclosed glass-edged corridors along the garden’s periphery connect the functions. Two master bedrooms are located at either end of the ‘C’, along with dedicated living, dining and kitchen spaces. The pooja room is a semi-detached space surrounded by water bodies on either side.

Public spaces in both houses are identical to establish a sense of continuity, but the four master bedrooms are designed with separate aesthetics. Each of them is complete with its lounge, private study, walk-in closet and bathroom. A built-in Jacuzzi looks out onto a walled-in open-to-sky landscaped court and a shower, and a verandah overlooks a private garden. Along with twin guest bedrooms, there is a family library and formal study room.