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Neutral colors for Jaipur home

Photography: Capture India

Jaipur-based Design Square Architects has designed the Livience, which is a residential project spanning 6500 sq. ft. located in a plush neighborhood. The client wanted a peaceful home that is visually connected from the outside, and one enters through a plantation-style pathway bordered by greenery and a water feature. The firm chose a modern minimalist design approach, while predominantly using brushed travertine, wood, and marble. The layout comprises a hall, lounge, kitchen, dining area, and four bedrooms along with landscaping.

This leads to the double-height living room with pendant lighting, complementing the crimson and grey upholstery. Minimalist furniture arrangement contrasts with ornate door frames, vintage lamps, and furnishings in neutral colors. The effect is further enhanced through attention to lighting, layout, and views.

Moving ahead from the dining area is one of the four bedrooms, while the other three are spread across the other two floors. The master bedroom has a warm inviting nature using upholstery fabrics, draperies, and woven fiber rugs. The other bedroom displays textured fabrics, while the last has marble wall paneling and wooden flooring. Spacious windows bring in abundant natural light and fresh air circulation. The lighting setup uses recessed spotlights, cove lighting, and pendant lights for indirect dimming or focused illumination to highlight paneling details and decor.