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Leading wood product manufacturers present at Canadian Wood’s recent webinar

Canadian Wood’s recent webinar “Born in Canada Made in India – a webinar on manufacturing with wood’, in association with NürnbergMesse demonstrated widespread suitability of its species through first-hand experiences of leading woodworking companies along with specific reference to reman category.

Miss Bhawna Sharma, Founder, Artius Interior Products Pvt. Ltd. presented a talk that included solutions focusing on dust, sound, weatherproofing and use of yellow cedar to deliver high-quality solutions. The yellow cedar from B.C., Canada is known to be one of the world’s most durable wood with exceptional longevity due to its natural resistance to decay, used in door and window systems. She concluded her slides referring to Artius’ efforts through a clubhouse made using multiple Canadian Wood species, which was previously displayed at three premium trade fairs.

Next, Miss Soma Singh Roy, CEO, Bramola, Noida spoke on western hemlock sourced from the sustainably managed forests of B.C., Canada. Her presentation unveiled ethnic and contemporary furniture using this species and elaborated on its workability and staining advantages. Besides sharing her creations suited for individual homes and hospitality projects, she concluded her session with a western hemlock set embellished with hand painted motifs by local artisans.

Mr. Thomas Markose, Management Director, Kelachandra, Bengaluru spoke on doors and window systems. His presentation included pre-hung, flush and solid wood doors manufactured with yellow cedar. He also emphasized on the scope for wood in manufacturing and the onset of biophilic architecture, which aims at connecting occupants to nature through design and planning.  He emphasised on continuous product development to avail the gains of technological advancements.  All speakers were vocal on the adoption of greener alternatives when manufacturing with wood, which reflected the eco-conscious shift in consumer mindset.

While coating enhances the visual appeal of wooden product, but impact finish and longevity in exterior wood applications. The webinar included a quick and informative session by Pankaj Bassi, Country Manager ICA Pidilite, Mumbai and Marco Mancini Renner, Technical Assistance, Italia SPA, Italy. The webinar ended with an insightful Q&A session where the presenters were joined by Peter Bradfield, Technical Advisor, FII- India.