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Pink island bar for Mumbai office

Mumbai-based MuseLAB has designed the Bombay Shirt Company HQ, which was to create a space that is honest in design and transparent in operations.

This 4000 sq. ft. office was designed and executed in 40 days. The original space had 13 ft. height coffered ceilings and arched windows along the periphery. These were transformed to give a more contemporary expression to the pre-existing structure. The central transformative space is expansive, with an island-like bar in pink tiles that also serves as a library. The flooring in this space follows a cubist pattern, similar to the pantry. The coffered ceiling is sealed with a neutral grey color, the walls have been given a distressed finish while the rest of the office floor is covered with a cementitious grey tile.

Large floor-to-ceiling Burma teakwood-framed glass partitions enclose the conference room, the CEOs cabin and the two phone booths which bookend the length of the office space. A melee of services overlap each other in a ceiling layout that integrates the AC ducts, the fire-fighting, the electricals, the lights, speakers, sound system and WiFi. Each workstation has a task light suspended from the ceiling and ambient light is used for circulation spaces.