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Redefining luxury design

Text: Ar. Manish Dikshit, Partner, Aum Architects, Mumbai

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, people now regard their living areas as sacred spaces where they spend quality time with themselves and their families. Functionality and comfort are now equally a prerequisite as aesthetics and form. The luxury design has now shifted away from high-end international-standard elements toward décor that promotes physical and mental wellbeing. It must encourage positive and meaningful interaction, which is subjected to each individual.

Comfortable designs suit people’s lifestyles and preferences, and the home provides a nurturing and soothing environment from the outside world. It must be comfortable, peaceful and reflective of the home’s pleasant sophistication.

The evolutionary design is a fine balance between modern and contemporary décor, using clean and straight lines, warm neutral tones and style to the space. Comfort must always be the priority, so choose that over sleek furniture that can’t be sat on for long hours. Practical elements such as relaxing couches, pleasant flooring and cosy textiles are important.

Lighting doesn’t simply set the room’s ambience but maintains an inviting environment. It is used as candles for aesthetics, lamps and floor lamps for readings and chandeliers for luxury. Regardless of the space’s size, have enough light sources for even diffusion of light.

Experiment with different materials, soft furnishings, wallpapers and accent combinations – plush couches, soft fabrics, handwoven and natural fibres, leather and natural wood. Patterns add visual interest and a personal touch to the space, which can be brought in through accessories and décor components as well. Rugs bring comfort and style to the space and keep the feet warm.

Pouffes can be comfortable seats, sturdy footrests and elegant side tables. Perfect for a low-lift design makeover, matching pouffes are a functional yet relaxed solution in the living room. A statement overstuffed armchair offers practicality, style and comfort.

A cushioned headboard is the focal point of every bedroom, whose texture and curves offer sturdy support. Layered bedding, soft and textured throw pillows, bright and warm blankets and comforters add pleasure and luxury.