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Revamping your space with the right colour scheme

Text: Ar. Abhigyan Neogi, Founder and Principal Architect, Chromed Design Studio, New Delhi

Colour greatly impacts the space’s mood and ambience, and one must acknowledge how it influences one’s physical and mental wellbeing.  They influence thinking, and behaviour and communicate messages from the environment. Colour selections display the user’s perception of the area and design. One must have a varied approach when choosing a colour scheme, which must balance tones, lines, blends and accents along with the interiors and décor.

When choosing colours, one must establish a mood board that reflects their personality. They must decide between bold and vibrant or earthy and neutral. Brighter colours are energetic and are excellent for high-energy spaces such as entertainment areas, home theatres and bars. Though some designers have a minimalistic approach, they use colours to highlight particular areas. Shades of red, brown and burgundy are ideal as bold accents but must be balanced with neutral-coloured accessories, furniture and soft furnishings.

Choose striking tones that don’t overpower the space, which imparts a sense of depth and balance in a limited colour palette. The Private Residence features deep maroon shades that blend with opulent furniture and artwork, while black and white tiles are set against lightly-textured walls to balance luxury and comfort. In the Gupta Residence, a statement painting by the renowned artist Raja Ravi Varma decorates the living area through its colours.

Apart from personal choices, architectural styles, cultural influences and the terrain influence colour selection as well. Designers are often inspired by nature for contemporary design, such as earthy colours for cosiness and comfort.

Wallpapers add character to the room through their different colours, finishes and patterns. Designers must consider the client’s personality and preferences, and determine the right style and fashion for the project theme. According to the Theory of Colours, warm colours are dynamic and evoke comfort and stimulation. Cooler colours are softer and are relaxing and static.

Patch tests help in colour selection in the space, or one can start with a neutral palette and add brighter accents. Once they are happy with the results, work on a more cohesive design narrative. Have seamless focal points, create a story and determine how the space must be determined. Of course, it must reflect the homeowners’ personality, comfort and wellbeing.