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Roman influence on New Delhi fine-dine restaurant

Photography: Suryan and Dang

New Delhi-based Studio Dangg has designed the Baardos La Citta, a fine-dining space that offers the outdoors in an indoor setting. Tapestry at the atrium leads the view for the diners, which leads to high arches, columns, mouldings, and colonnades basking in the sunlight. The façade is encased with a gilded gold ribbon staircase that relates to the opulent experience while differentiating it from the existing context.

Each floor level displays numerous experiences, such as the Roman city in the morning radiating with sunlight that becomes a hangout spot at night. Deeper colours, raw chipped surfaces and stone with leather finish make the space visually and functionally suitable for disengaging. The matrix develops into the bar that serves beverages over eighty boulder rocks shaped as cuboids, outlined with golden metal.

The DJ setup is positioned on a floating bridge, resembling the papal audience in Rome. Situated 24 ft. high above the ground, the element becomes a starting point for the waterfall in the backdrop. The indoor-outdoor experience flows through the terrace imitating a Roman villa with a private backyard, with high tables and intimate cabanas surrounded by natural vegetation and water bodies.