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The future of luxury living: trends and predictions for high-end residential design

Text: Ar. Bhuvan Kapila, the Founder, Workshop for Metropolitan Architecture, New Delhi

Luxury living has transformed manifold in the technologically-advancing world, bringing in innovative and sophisticated design. High-end residential spaces now redefine themselves to align themselves with the client’s evolving lifestyle and requirements. Luxury residences are not simply comfortable but are also symbols of status and accomplishment. With an emphasis on technology, sustainable living and wellness, the future of luxury living revolutionises the way one perceives and experiences opulence.

  • Technological integration

With the advancement of technology, smart home systems are a must-have in luxury living. For example, temperature, lighting and home security and entertainment controls now dictate everyday living patterns. Moving forward, one expects increased innovation in smart home systems, with more intuitive and efficient systems being introduced to the market.

  • Sustainability

Sustainability is an integral part of luxury living with an increasing focus on environmental consciousness and eco-friendly materials as key considerations in luxury home design. Sustainable materials such as bamboo, wood and recycled metals are used to reduce the environmental impact of home design. Energy-efficient systems such as solar panels and geothermal heating and cooling are increasingly popular.

  • Wellness-based designs

Homebuyers today place a premium on their mental and physical health, and the emerging luxury design has incorporated this factor. Meditation rooms, gyms and spa-like bathrooms, or the incorporation of biophilic elements are now common in home design to promote health and well-being.

  • Flexible spaces

Homeowners now value flexibility, multiplicity and openness in floor plans. They want to transform a space from a home office to a yoga studio and from a living room to a dining room and plan airy spaces and larger fenestrations in high-end residential design.

  • Personalization

Customization is a hallmark of living a life of high-standard living, as it timelessly reflects one’s individuality.