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Tips to declutter homes this festive season

Text: Ar. Robin Sisodiya, Founder, ASRO Arcade, Gurugram

Diwali cleaning is overwhelming and exhausting, as homeowners declutter their homes and discard unwanted possessions. Clutter makes the space look shabbier, but it equally impacts the resident’s mental health and productivity. Here’s why and how you should clean up your house in this festive season:

  • Discard the festive decorations

Festive decorations are stored in box and are never reused, but take up storage space despite their short shelf life. Check for the items’ functionality and discard items that don’t work or suit the aesthetics anymore, which makes space for new decorative items.

  • Organise the living area

The living area is often the most used space in the home, which sets the design tone for the rest of the home. Discard unnecessary and broken items, old publications and artefacts that suit the place anymore. Introduce new cushion and candles that add a fresh zest to the space. In the Mystique Residence designed by ASRO Arcade, the floral and green upholstery brings in vibrant energy with metallic statement pieces. Candlesticks and the centre further build the festive element in the house.

  • Declutter the kitchen

As the festive season predicts more cooking with the constant inflow of guests, keep the kitchen neat and tidy. Divide the space into what’s necessary and what’s not, including the appliances and utensils used. Store items together as they save time and effort, and keep the storage cabinets shut for visua and functional free movement.

  • Declutter the bathrooms

As most rarely declutter the bathrooms, they can get unhygienic. Sort items that are used frequently, and trash those that are expired or are not needed anymore. The usage space remains clean and clutter-free, and a neutral colour palette keeps an elegant and symmetric design.

  • Have a sorting system

Have the three-box system in place to sort out your things, where you label three boxes are ‘Keep’, ‘Get Rid Of;’ and ‘Put in Storage’. Fill these boxes with the household items that suit each box best; the ‘Keep’ box has daily utility items, the ‘Get Rid Of’ box contains broken or discarded items while sentimental or seasonal objects go in the ‘Put in Storage’. Finally, donate or recycle the discarded items in an environmentally-friendly manner.