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Pantone Blue Interiors For 2020

Ar. Manish Dikshit talks about the impact of blue –

“Trust, Loyalty, faith, truth and heaven, the color blue is considered beneficial to the mind and body. It is associated with tranquility and calmness; thus it has a very positive impact in homes.”

A ubiquitous favorite for homes, ‘Blue’ infuses an unexpected boldness to this abstract space and transforms it into a peppy enclosure.

A true expression of tradition, the color blue translates into a vibe that conveys the virtues of honesty, credibility and reliability.

In the ultimate display of personal expression, classic blue makes a dramatic statement for the eyes. Adding a tinge of glamour to the bedroom, it ensues itself to a relatively relaxed interactive space.

Just like the limitless sky, the color ‘Blue” exudes tranquility and affluence. Associated with the return of another day, it promises self-assurance and elegance in its demeanor.

The color of royalty and valor, ‘Blue’ remarkably elevates the warmth of this space forming an everlasting impression.

Strong, formidable and lustrous, the ‘Blue’ headrest is the highlighting element of this bedroom. Contributing immensely to its contemporary design, it brings an exceptional degree of sophistication to the room.

Drawing attention quite instantaneously, ‘Blue’ inspires and brings out a unique charm to the intervened space. It is the kind of constancy and confidence expressed by the color that makes it reliable for use.