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Interlocking cube façade for Ahmedabad industrial office

Photography: PHX India

Ahmedabad-based Squelette Designs has designed Varnika Components, which is an industrial infrastructure estate that complements the landscape and climate. The firm wanted to break the stereotypical PEB buildings, and replace them with structures that promote eco-friendly material and a healthy working environment. After studying the site and climate, the firm visualised the building in three separate segments.

A south-facing entrance is designed by layering the office and production with a skin façade of interlocking cubes, which regulates humidity and heat. The triple-height reception area features exposed RCC walls have hollow spaces with thick walls, along with offsets and bevellings that lend a comfortable ambience even in extreme temperatures. It connects the upper-level circulation passage and creates an interactive environment within the space, which reduces the direct heat of the south.

The entrance using real capacitors as a screen, creating patterns as per the sun’s direction. Moving onto the elongated passageway, it connects the office area and production area. The Managing Director’s cabin is an individual cube clad with laminated glass that opens out to the landscape, and the upper-floor circulation passage maintains sustainability using a brick jaali.

The production is a flexible space with different connections, which open towards the north and east. Courtyards along the periphery blend into the internal spaces, along with minimal lines and neutral colours. Kota stone reduces the temperature, while stucco-painted walls lend a contemporary ambience. The office space is designed in an informal manner, with functionally separated areas. The interiors are built using wood, stone, glass, brass and grey stucco for an industrial feel. Minimalism, simplicity and clean lines remain a priority with simple colours, light, shadow and greenery.