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Yellow interiors for Mumbai office

Photography: Nandan Ramaswamy

Mumbai-based Studio Atiniv has designed the Bhavana Interiors, a designers’ office space centred around a tight budget that promotes employee well-being. Minimal furniture, maximum visual connectivity, ventilation and colors are the major highlight of the project.

Yellow brightens and warms up the creative space, yet a balance is maintained to prevent it from looking ostentatious. It is used in the client’s logo, infusing passion and happiness into the office. Elements from the clients’ older projects are upcycled, which saved the time, energy and money of investing in new material. Natural ventilation is ensured throughout, and the raintrees complement the yellow interiors.

The visitor is welcomed to a warm reception area that leads to the conference room, private cabin, a working cubicle for eight people, a pantry and toilet. White and brown accents complement the yellow interiors, and minimal visual obstruction is ensured with glass panels and doors.  Statement floor lamps, hanging lights and planters further add airiness and liveliness to the space.

Wooden-finished laminate is primarily used as the material, while mild steel square sections and metal sheets used for the conference room partitions. A rugged metal shell with traditional designs in Plaster of Paris on the inside forms the ceiling lamp in the conference room. The ceiling is painted grey with exposed electrical conduits, which is repeated in the other cabins and cubicles. Materials and furniture are upcycled from the client’s previous budget, promoting affordable and sustainable design.