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Use brown in your interior spaces for an impactful look!

Text: Aashita Chadha, Co-Founder and CFO, The KariGhars, Bengaluru

Architects and interior designers say that brown has made a comeback in home décor, and this includes organic brown linen or chocolate silk velvet. Warm minimalism is the new trend in interior design. Minimalism refers to the aesthetic of simplicity in form and colour, which is often misinterpreted as white couches, white walls and white accessories. However, the monotonous colour palette tends to look bleak. On the other hand, brown offers a solid natural finish that instils a sense of serenity. Brown is neutral and offers comfort, relaxation and warmth. It is associated with sincerity, genuineness and truthfulness in colour psychology.

Brown is a popular colour inspired by nature, which is adaptable and blends with multiple shades and accents – beige, blue and brown. For example, the Zonasha Paradiso includes shades of brown in the living spaces. It is well-paired with light and dark tones alike and conveys high quality, a natural and balanced atmosphere, safety and respect. One can create the illusion of layers and create focal points with wall accessories and lighting fixtures, such as dark wooden ceiling panels against a neutral scheme.

Furniture, decorations and fabrics in this shade and easier to find in multiple patterns and finishes, and go well with white, green, light blue, turquoise and yellow. Due to the versatile and utilitarian nature of the colour, it enhances its practical use.