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Vibrant colour palette for Udaipur home

Udaipur-based Design Inc. has designed the Annexure, which is an extension of a residence. The client wanted to build a recreational and rejuvenation space for their father, promoting walking but in a safe environment. Half the plot was previously left vacant and that provided ample space for the requirement, and the client’s choice of vernacular architecture was blended with contemporary amenities.

The firm used stone masonry embellished with vernacular painting on the boundary wall, thus offering thermal comfort. Jaisalmer stone is used in the flooring, columns and monolith washbasin. Landscaping is done keeping comfort and low maintenance, with one lounge, bedroom and columned verandas. Interiors are done in the traditional haveli-style with handpicked furniture with bone inlay work. A bright colour palette reflects the Rajasthani culture and features curated furniture and artwork.