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Winter décor for the holiday season

Text: Des. Rohit Suraj, Principal Architect and Founder, Urban Zen, Hyderabad

Winters coincide with festivals and celebrations, which is why you must create a warm and comfortable ambience at home. Should you not appreciate the cold, feel free to elevate the space in style and comfort in the holiday season. Start by adding layers of furnishings to the spaces, along with extra cushions around the couches and rugs around the side tables. Furry cushion covers take up style and comfort by a notch, along with a soft textured or knitted blanket.

Interior decoration during the winters must be soothing, which is why you should remove the ornamental pieces in your home. Choose bright colours for the mantelpiece, and replace metal embellishments with wooden and jute pieces. Bring out the old leather armchairs and chaise lounges, along with tan leather adding depth to the space. Indoor plants brighten your room, which must also be protected from direct sunlight – think maidenhair fern, English Ivy, dracaena and Chinese evergreen. Maintain a red, orange and yellow colour scheme to impart warmth; on the other hand, pastel shades such as off-white, beige and peach are well-liked.

Ambient lighting using fairy lights and candles are perfect for the holiday season, and select its temperature between 3000k to 4000k to compensate for the cold weather. Create nooks and corners according to your hobbies, including with soft furnishings and candles.