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Writer Relocations: An Overview

Writer Relocations, a Fine Art logistics service for 6 decades, addresses the need for efficient logistics within the niche segment of fine art.

Fine Arts relocations ensures the safe handling of artwork in transportation in terms of suitable temperature, humidity, and security. A typical workflow consists of a series of checks and procedures that include

  • Survey: involving physical survey to understand the nature of the artwork
  • Packing: of customized packing solutions based on the type of artwork
  • Transit: Movement by air/sea/road
  • Transport: Local transit with secure vehicles and armed guards
  • Transit risk protection: Insurance coverage for end-to-end transit
  • Documentation: International transit documentation & clearance
  • Customs clearance at origin and destination
  • Installation & de-installation services: Provision of handing and mounting

Writer Relocations also offers a Conditional Report service or assessment of the material and artist details required for government certification and valuation of the painting, including insurance and sale. Preservation and maintenance of the artefacts in their original form uses a specialized team to evaluate the appropriate packing materials and method.

The materials and chemicals used for efficient packaging and transportation include acid free tissues, protective tapes, foams, bubble wraps, pine wood, other waterproof materials. Each handler goes through professional training covering all these aspects, several with a minimum of 20+ years’ experience.

Fine art warehousing and storage require specialized infrastructure with climate control and security measures such as motion and fire detectors, gated access monitored with cameras and data loggers. They offer rack storage options in the pest-free facilities.

Over the years, Writer Relocations has managed fine art logistics for many art dealers and galleries, auction houses, museum and art fairs and exhibitions, etc. Some notable public institutions include Mumbai Museum, India Art Fair, Art Conservation Resurgence Project, supported by the Sir Dorabji Tata Trust, Australian Embassy, Bonjour India, Southeast Asia Buddhist Festival, Shanghai Arts Festival, Pune Biennale and many more.

The movement of modern and contemporary artworks is regulated in India with FICCI being appointed by the Government of India as National Issuing & Guaranteeing Association (NIGA) for the operation of ATA Carnet System, the International Uniform Customs document issued in 79 countries including India. It is a document that is mandatory for all fine art exhibitions held globally, which permits the movement of art without attracting customs duty for the purpose of exhibition only (not sale). It helps duty-free temporary admission of goods into a member country without the need to raise customs bond, payment of duty and fulfillment of other customs formalities.