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Alsorg launches a new furniture brand Wriver

Gurugram-based furniture and kitchen brand Alsorg launches Wriver, a luxury furniture brand that reveals its collection at the India Design ID on 12th May 2022. It claims to blend craftsmanship and material innovation to create premium and detail-oriented designs for stylish and comfortable interiors. The brand plans to welcome patrons to its flagship store in Gurugram.

Mr. Sajal Lamba, Co-founder and Director, Wriver says, “Wriver displays the newfound energy in Indian design and bespoke interiors, which is brought together by refined sensibilities, international technical know-how and decades of experience in creating personalised spaces. It aims to spearhead price-sensitive luxury furniture and establish a local community of design-conscious consumers, which is why the brand must have a compelling story to shape pieces that empower.”