IFJ Likes

Bavilion, Studio Ardete

Lead architects: Ar. Badrinath Kaleru and Ar. Prerna Kaleru

The Doaba Public School is located in a remote village of Parowal, in Punjab. The school has over 2500 students from over 100 villages in the vicinity, and school buses are the primary mode of transport as families are scattered away from each other – the farthest being 50 kilometers away.

Ganpati, Formforge

Lead architect: Ar. Abhinav Goyal

Driven by the vision to ‘design, re- tenderness, invent, and inspire’, these art pieces amalgamate ideas created using advanced design tools and human workmanship. They aim to create social impact, visual delight, and aesthetic transformation of the encompassing space.

Textile Installation With Hessian Shoes, Kanika Bawa Design

Lead designer: Des. Kanika Bawa

The concept of upcycling goes beyond the conventional recycling of materials by creating objects that exceed their economic, cultural and social value. Despite the growing age of economics in industrialization and information and technology, culture is depicted through cloth across the country.