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Amenities to enhance the liveability quotient for new-age homes

Text: Mr. Lalit Makhijani, Chief Marketing Officer, Godrej Properties Limited

Rapid urbanisation and the increasing population density have transformed the real estate consumption patterns in terms of cultural, technological and behavioural dynamics. New-age millennial homeowners now want a higher standard of living, and prioritise safety and security. They have different lifestyle preferences and prefer homes that offer self-sufficient amenities and enhance their liveability quotient. They want spaces that are equipped with wellness, technology and socialising.

As a result, the post-pandemic living spaces will differ from their conventional counterparts in terms of material choices, layouts, and amenities. Reputed developers now consider elevated lifestyles when designing experiences and re-evaluate aesthetics and amenities for the affluent demographic.

According to a report by Knight Frank, it states that over 77 per cent of the home buyers prefer to reside near large green spaces. Around 70 per cent invest in homes with good air quality, while 64 per cent feel access to good healthcare is good location feature. Thus, prospective home buyers want to upgrade their living space with greener surroundings, best-in-class amenities and top-notch services. Here are the top amenities to enhance the liveability quotient in new-age homes:

  • Large, open and green spaces 

Homebuyers opt for homes offering an open and green space, which is why reputed developers now offer landscaping and low-density planning by populating a few families. Finding spacious homes in the city that provide a peaceful environment is like having personal havens that maintain the highest standards of living. Manicured lawns, private parks, and gardens, court areas, butterfly gardens, and acupressure walks also add to the serenity and help people reconnect with nature.

  • Clubhouses and other socialising spaces

Developers attract potential homeowners with state-of-the-art clubhouses that allow bonding with family, friends and the community. Clubhouses with a gym, spa, swimming pool, outdoor sports area, and other recreational activity areas enhance sociability and physical fitness.

  • Health and wellness amenities  

Homebuyers now focus on physical and mental wellbeing, which has led to a demand for fitness-related services. They not only need large homes with more space to use for relaxation, exercise, and meditation. Instead, they have also recognised the importance of investing in homes equipped with air purification systems, indoor plants, community wellness gardens, massage rooms, balconies, spas courtyards or landscapes that promote physical and emotional well-being.

  • Top-notch 24*7 security 

Safety and security are paramount as living in a luxury house entails more than just comfort; it also requires comprehensive security. With 24-hour surveillance and trained security professionals stationed at all major entrances and exits, homeowners can feel at ease.

  • International design and décor 

Individuals have different ideas and expectations in home décor; hence, the notion of luxury varies from person to person. Developers now compete to provide the best interior décor trends such as world-class amenities, customised architectural layouts and considering specific homebuyer’s requirements.

  • Technology

Millennial buyers invest in homes with automation and smart home technology such as IoT-enabled spaces that limit human contact. Also, they want spaces outfitted with live streaming security cameras, sensors, energy-saving technology, and touch-free automated modules.