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Ganpati, Formforge

Lead architect: Ar. Abhinav Goyal

Driven by the vision to ‘design, re- tenderness, invent, and inspire’, these art pieces amalgamate ideas created using advanced design tools and human workmanship. They aim to create social impact, visual delight, and aesthetic transformation of the encompassing space.

Reflecting the qualities of childlike innocence, mischief, and a cheerful disposition, the elephant-headed Ganesha is revealed at the entrance of a private residence. Standing tall at 6 ft, the sculpture made of stainless steel ensures the residents an unobstructed beginning. The elephant-headed sculpture has soft curves, large basket-like ears, and small eyes. It is created with vertical slats of stainless steel with brass pigmentation for Vastu purposes. It reveals itself completely only when the viewer starts walking around it.

Lord Ganpati is the perfect equilibrium between force and kindness, power and beauty, and truth and illusion. He simply showers blessings with a child-like tenderness.