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Claymen, New Delhi

New Delhi-based Aman Khanna is a graphic artist, illustrator, sculptor, and visual storyteller. After a career in design, he increasingly gravitated towards ‘clay’, the most common and ancient medium used by humans to create everyday objects. Claymen was founded in 2014 and consists of tiny objects and sculptures out of clay. His style uses quirky characters and iconic forms and has been published in international publications.

They celebrate a style that lives at peace with its own little imperfections, as some are functional, handmade, and built to be used. Some personify the dysfunctionality in society by hinting at the fragility of the human condition.

These claymen figure sculptures are inspired by a careful observation of the common man and their dilemmas. They are peaceful, contemplative, and quiet. While going through their own existential crises they are mere witnesses to the fact that “Man is losing his humanity and becoming a thing amongst the things he produces.”

He writes “Clay has added a new dimension to my work. With this medium I began to explore the third dimension, creating small clay sculptures that are inspired by my surroundings and the people living in them. I call them Claymen. Claymen are now divided into two broad categories: Functional and Dysfunctional.”