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HNI India celebrates Unwork

Mumbai-based HNI India launched Unwork on the concept of happier workspaces, which emphasises the changing dynamics of happiness and well-being. Its first event was held on the 18th of May 2022 at the HNI Design Centre, Bengaluru and featured panel discussions with architects, designers and real estate leaders.

The event was attended by corporate real estate leaders (Sonia Pimenta, Santosh K, Dhanya Menon Krisna, Payal Sandhu Khurana, Aruna and Naseera Razak) who discussed their thoughts in three separate panel discussions, all of whom talked about combining flexibility in the workplace design. The second panel comprised Jayram Govandiah, Diwakar Chintala, Sonali Gupta and Vijaya Prasad Bhargav, who talked about workplace economics in a post-COVID world. The third panel brought in Fancy George, Shashidhar Sharma, Nirbhik Bera, Abironi and Saikrishna to discuss their experiences with workplace wellbeing.

A podcast was recorded between Karan Sachdev, Managing Director HNI Office India and Sabina Reddy, Director, M Moser Associates, Bangalore. Ms Reddy discussed her journey and spoke about how organisations now adapt to the new hybrid work model, along with sharing insights on how collaborative and social workspaces now take up prominence in the contemporary workspace ecosystem and its future.