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Essentials of wellness-driven bathroom design

Text: Mr. Anil Ahuja, Managing Director, Colston Bath and Spa Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi

Bathrooms are important spaces for fostering a sense of well-being, as it is more than a collection of sanitary fittings. The concept of physical and emotional wellness is deeply individualistic for people and can be achieved through designing for luxury, comfort and experience.

  • Minimalism

The design ideology of rigorously uncluttering excessive objects and activities to maintain focus and minimise chaos, where one creates a pristine space through design. Bathroom furniture such as shelves, cabinets and drawers must be simple with sleek and minimal surfaces, where handles and openers are hidden. Minimal sanitary fittings including rimless WCs and washbasins, touch-less faucets and touch-control shower panels are sleek, solid and purposeful features.

  • Nature-inspired design

Bring elements of nature into interior spaces blends in built forms and organic textures. Indoor potted plants in the bathroom are accommodated anywhere from shelves to countertops, which add liveliness to your bath spaces. Designers also incorporate natural stone tiles for flooring and walls, while adding rustic elegance and pairing well with stone sanitary ware.

  • Therapeutic

Advanced sanitary fittings such as steam cabins, rain-sky showers and massage bathtubs come with built-in aromatherapy and colour therapy technologies. Deep colours such as red, blue and green are experienced through the water, which alleviates stress and high blood pressure while promoting calmness. These fittings come with music speakers and Bluetooth connectivity for personal indulgence for promoting spiritual, emotional and physical health.

  • Personalised sanitary ware

When one customises their bathroom fittings, they can explore their choices and find something that they identify with. One can choose from different textures: matte finishes, gold, rose gold, metal, and natural and exquisite materials like crystal glass.