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Interior design inspirations for high-end abodes

Text: Ar. Robin Sisodiya, Principal Architect, ASRO Arcade

High-end interior design is constantly evolving, and one cannot identify it with a particular style. It is a result of combining several aspects and remains subjective to personal preferences, but includes comfort, quality and elegance.

  • Minimalism

The most prominent style choice for contemporary high-end interior design, minimalism uses simple forms to create an impression. Due to the use of few furnishings and decorations, the room enjoys more open space and less clutter. Pay attention to a limited colour scheme and textures for a serene look, which brings out luxury and visual appeal.

  • Colour palettes

Use multiple colour palettes for a luxurious and spacious appearance, as light-coloured surfaces reflect light and are a simple backdrop for furniture and décor items. On the other hand, darker surfaces are made striking with thoughtful lighting, composition and contrast. As they absorb more lighting, they must be used within an open floor plan to create an intimate environment. Choose darker colours in bedrooms to exude warmth, sensuality, grace and excitement with decorative ambient lighting.

  • Fusion of palettes

While neutral colours create a clutter-free pace, bolder accents add to its opulence. Deeper colours such as red, royal blue, emerald, purple and golden add extravagance. Texture is added by furnishings, such as upholstered seating or dining spaces.

  • Lighting

Light influences one’s perception, and illumination brings the room’s décor together. Sufficient lighting transforms the space’s appearance from dull to stunning, which is an important aesthetic for luxury homes.