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CSEB use for Zaheerabad residence

Hyderabad-based Studio Inscape has designed the House in the Farm in Zaheerabad, which was to blend a traditional courtyard house within a linear layout.

Designed for a couple, the lady wanted a traditional courtyard house with the rooms laid out around it, while her partner felt that a linear layout would be more functional. Therefore, the firm introduced a central connecting linear corridor and blended a courtyard house with a linear house.

The farmhouse is built around an existing tree in the farmland spread over 19 acres with a built-up area of 2,600 sq. ft. Designed around a visually-connected landscaped courtyard from all ends, the house complies with the linearity of the space. Compressed stabilized earth blocks (CSEB) made of clay from the farmland, ergonomically-designed sill levels and multi-functional flexible furniture layouts comprise the design.

Bricks made on-site with excavated soil were used for flooring in the central courtyard, which also makes up the skin of the structure. Following the low-energy concept, the brick walls and form-finished slabs were left bare to blend with the surroundings. Lime-washed bedroom walls render a comfortable ambiance, with tandoor flooring and black oxide skirting used for the interiors. Reclaimed wooden doors and windows, toggle switches with exposed conduits create an informal, economical and sustainable aspect.

The living spaces accommodate an L-shaped bench that serves as an informal interactive space, more befitting a farmhouse than a formal sofa set. Furniture in the common space is so planned to welcome both larger and smaller groups, by visually connecting them to the farmland outside.